Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day Two Of 50's Dress

So another day sewing and I got the bodice finished and got the skirt gathered and attached, that was a job! I don't mind gathering but there was SOOOO much material. I apologize for the poor pics. My dress will not go on the mannequin so I just laid it on the ironing board, when it is done, I will get some pic's of me wearing it. Trying to get it done for my birthday..YES... July 4th.....

I have the zipper to put in, sew the buttons on the shoulder (I love the little satin hoops I made for them) and then just to hem it. The zipper is something I have never done, hoping I do not ruin the dress..
 Look at how much material there is just for the skirt...and that is doubled

The skirt attached to the bodice

The loops for the shoulder buttons. 

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